SMD Cheat Sheet Update

Hi to all,

I removed some information and added more.
Now you can download the letter version.
it’s still a beta version and suggestions are welcome!

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SMD Cheat Sheet

A quick foray to make available this SMD cheat sheet.
In the coming days I will make public the final version.
Any suggestion or criticism is welcome…
By the way… Thank you all for your patience.
I will respond to all emails! ;)

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I’m working to a new reference of the famous wifi module ESP8266.
The final version will include examples of use and wiring diagrams.
Meanwhile the first version :)

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I began to add new tools on the 555, are as always available to menu “Tools”
Have been added too:

Multilayer Inductor Calculator
RLC Resonance Calculator
Wire Self Inductance Calculator
Parallel Wire Inductance Calculator

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Want to program the world?

Finally, after months of development, I’m happy to announce bitbloq
With bitbloq you can program quickly and intuitively using blocks. What´s more, you can create your own projects and share them with the community. Electronics and programming have never been so much fun!
Better than many words, try it now!

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Tools, Tools, Tools!

Added new tools!
The electronics calculators of the site now include:

a RLC Calculator
a Loop Inductance Calculator
a Coil Inductance Calculator

All already available to the menu Tools.

Soon with the new instruments :)

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I’m back!

Hi all,

finally the site is back online!
In these months of waiting I’ve completely redone all pinouts all the ABC and more news that in the coming days I will reveal.
By the way, all the ABC tutorials will be online next week (I’m redoing those too!).
Thanks for waiting, I promise that the site will be updated […]

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