A new pinout is available!

LoPy the LoRa, WiFi and Bluetooth IoT development platform from Pycom

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SMDGuide – Page 3

SMDGuide – The definitive guide to SMD components!
Page 3 – Electrolytic Capacitors

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SMDGuide – Page 2

SMDGuide – The definitive guide to SMD components!
Page 2 – Tantalum Capacitors

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A gift for all electronic enthusiasts
SMDGuide – The definitive guide to SMD components!
Today the cover and the first page (of 20)

Cheat Sheets
Package Types
Size Codes

Have fun!

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A new pinout is available!

The new ESP32 WROOM32 Development module from Espressif
With new Datasheet download!

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Adafruit METRO pinout

A new pinout is available!

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New Revised version of ATMEGA328PB pinout

New Version!

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Pro Mini Pinout

The Arduino Pro Mini is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega168 or ATmega328.
New Version!

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UNO Components library

As promised, I publish the first components library to make pinouts.
In particular it’s a library dedicated to Arduino Uno Boards, clones and related projects.
The file contains several vector formats and any component can be expanded (For example the Atmega328 with and without socket)

Have fun!

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Pro Micro Pinout

By popular demand the Pro Micro Pinout
Pinout available in two colors (red and blue)!

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