I’m so excited to annouce that in just a few days, the Kickstarter campaign for y latest book ABC: Basic Connections will be live!
ABC: Basic Connections is a completely redesigned selection of the best circuit diagrams, reference tables and pinouts from pighixxx.com, plus many new unreleased designs. A collection of neat, easy to read circuit diagrams and pinouts that will show you how to properly connect almost anything to your Arduino, ESP8266 or ARM mbed compatible board.

The book will be made with over 100 high quality, 200gsm, coated, A5 (8.27×5.83 in) sheets inside a custom ring binder, with color tab dividers. The sheets are removable giving you the flexibility to use only the ones you need for each project, minimizing the clutter on your desk.

Also, every page on the book will have an online tutorial website with additional diagrams, component list, theory, tips, code, etc.

Stay tuned and sign up on abcthebook.com so we can let you know when the campaign is live! :)