Hello Everyone!

I’d like to share with you a great project from my friend Gianluca Martino, Arduino co-founder main supplier of Arduino products for years.

FluoWiFi is a great, Arduino programmable, IoT prototyping board with WiFi and BLE featuring the ESP32 module by Espressif and it’s now live on Kickstarter!! http://kck.st/2mJC7jC

Here is the official press release for the project:

“Gianluca Martino, 43 year-old, Ivrea – Italy , having started his challenge as a Senior Advisor of Fluo Technology, explains the main features and purposes of this new project.

Our vision is to simplify people’s life, through the use of the Internet of Things. In 3 years we hope to allow anyone to create their own projects with the minimum effort and give society the opportunity to harness the power of creativity, therefore making a long-lasting impact on how the world operates.


We strive to create an extraordinary, yet simple experience for users, where they feel like they are part of something bigger and they can contribute towards making a change that matters.

This IoT-ready, dual-core board is based on the ATmega644P and ESP32 — the AVR MCU provides Makers with full Arduino-compatiblity, while the Espressif module offers 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

What we are going to focus on moving forward is to nurturing the existing community, where people embrace the same vision of simplifying the world. We want to create an experience where everyone feels connected, heard and cared for. That’s why attention to detail is a crucial element that will enable us to stand out from our competitors. Next, we will be adopting a hands on approach, where users will ‘learn by doing’ through dedicated tutorials and customised kits, based on the user’s specific needs and desires.


FluoWifi is not a board for a restricted target audience only. What we really want to create is a real community of users, where everyone feels inspired to learn, share their knowledge and grow through common challenges. We want our products to always use the latest available technology, yet simplified and available to anyone.

By simplifying the IoT, in the next few years, we will be able to:

○ Text the Things
○ Talk to the Things
○ Interact with the Things
○ Create smarter Things

We believe everyone of us should not only be able to have access to such a technology, but also have the opportunity to contribute to the wider society with ideas, by creating customised applications in the easiest way.

You can head over to the team’s Kickstarter campaign to learn more about its specs and/or back it for yourself.
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