Hello Everyone!

I’m really excited to announce that I’m giving the final touches to the Second Edition of my book Arduino™ Basic Connections, also known as ABC, that will be released on Kickstarter in March!

Arduino™ Basic Connections Second Edition will be the ultimate reference manual for Arduino™ related projects. All the pinouts that you know and love will be updated with an all new and improved design standard, in addition to many new and unreleased designs!

The Second Edition will focus not only on high quality pinouts and schematics, but also on explaining how each circuit works and helping you understand the code. For every page of the book and every schematic, an online tutorial page with a description and code examples will be made available.

In order to make this reference book even more useful and convenient, the pages have been designed to be easily detached from the book so you can use only the ones you need when you’re building your project! The book will be made with qood quality laminated paper, featuring more than 150 schematics and pinouts, from the simple connection of an LED to the most advanced configurations.

As a token of appreciation, those who purchased the First Edition of ABC will be able to access the online content and tutorials for free!

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